Plant Description

Tibouchina Blue Moon

Tibouchina Blue Moon

This unusual Tibouchina has exquisite, large flowers like a watercolour painting - purple at the edges, fading to light lilac hue. Striking purple stamens provide a contrast at the centre of the blooms. It flowers for a long period in summer. The foliage has a lovely velvet sheen. The shrub's label said it would be compact, growing to about 1.5 m tall, but my specimen is at least 2.5 m tall! It is best in a sunny spot with protection from heavy frosts. I prune mine back in August and fertilise it at the same time. It grows quite well from cuttings.

My specimen is nestled amongst Pentas, many self-sown pink Salvia splendens, and has taller companions of blue Brillantaisia ulugurica and a pink Hawaiian Hibiscus. The colour of the flowers is so unusual and provides a lovely addition to this corner of my garden.

The label on my plant called it Tibouchina organensis 'Blue Moon'. Tibouchina organensis is now correctly known as Pleroma foveolatum after a review of Tibouchina names.


Tibouchina Blue Moon
Flowers from January to March.
Plant Family: Melastomataceae