Plant Description

Pelargonium, Ivy-leaved Hybrid

Ivy-leaved Pelargonium with Petrea volubilis in the garden of Anne Prescott in Sydney

Ivy-leafed geraniums (Pelargonium, Ivy-leaved Hybrids) are probably the easiest Pelargonium to grow in Sydney as they are not susceptible to diseases. The original species was Pelargonium peltatum but it has been much hybridised over the years. The plants have very attractive glossy leaves and are scrambling or trailing plants with similar flowers to the zonal types, in colours of reds, white, pinks, mauves and purple. They can stand moister soil than the zonal geraniums and are excellent used to spill over retaining walls or banks, as a groundcover, as a subject for hanging baskets or to climb on wire fences or lattice, if given some support. They don't need to be cut back as hard as the zonal types, or else they can be cut back by one-third at a time. They also benefit from tip pruning to create a dense form. They are South African in origin, and if trimmed back every so often through the year, they will flower almost perpetually in our mild climate. Early to mid-spring is probably their absolute peak time. These plants want sun and light, well-drained soil on the dry side, with good air circulation around them. The best time for taking cuttings is in early autumn, when the plants are pruned. I find that it is best to replace them after a few years, as they can get woody with age. Don't overwater them, especially in January and February when it is humid. I give them just a general fertiliser when I do the rest of the garden.

The flowers can be picked for vases.


Pelargonium, Ivy-leaved Hybrid
Suitable for Cut Flowers.
Flowers from September to April.
Plant Family: Geraniaceae