Plant Description

Lomandra glauca

Lomandra Blue Ridge

Lomandra is a type of rhizomatous rush, and belongs to the Asparagaceae family, which contains many tough, drought-tolerant plants suited to the Sydney climate. There are 52 accepted species and numerous cultivars, with a range of forms. I find the ordinary types of evergreen Lomandra pretty uninspiring, but some of the newer ones appear to be great little plants. Lomandra glauca, sold as 'Blue Ridge' (ht 35 cm), has blue-silver, almost succulent-looking leaves. It is said to age to green but my plant, grown in full sun, has stayed blue-silver throughout the year. It likes a free-draining soil and can tolerate dry, sandy conditions as well as frost. I have planted it amongst some silvery succulent plants, where it provides an excellent contrast of form to nearby Kalanchoe, Echeveria and Cotyledon specimens.


Lomandra glauca
Flowers October and November.
Plant Family: Asparagaceae

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