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Meet the family Acanthaceae

Plants in the Acanthaceae family have been known for their ease of cultivation in the Sydney climate for many years. Many specimens were apparently sent to keen Australian gardeners not long after their discovery by plant hunters in the 19th century.
There are around 250 genera within the Acanthaceae family, with just a fraction of them commonly available to home gardeners.
There is a huge variation in the range of plants within the family - so much so, few realise that so many favourites belong to the same family. Many flower for months; and in every season there are Acanthaceae plants in bloom.
With a recent rekindling of interest in tropical and semitropical plants, the status of plants in the Acanthaceae family have improved considerably, and a number of gardeners have recognised that the Acanthaceae comprises a significant group of ornamentals.

I have combined all the information into a single reference with my recently updated booklet: Meet the Family Acanthaceae. As you will see there is an incredible array of Acanthaceae available and my booklet expands on their characteristics, will help you in their selection, and guide you in cultivating them successfully.

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