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Viola riviana Purpurea

Viola riviniana Purpurea

This cute little violet, which I thought was the Labrador violet (Viola labradorica), seems to be more likely to be Viola riviniana 'Purpurea' (ht 5 cm), a very similar plant, known colloquially as the dog violet or wood violet. The tiny flowers are a vibrant shade of magenta-purple and the leaves are purplish-green, making a good combination. It does spread by suckers and it self-seeds very enthusiastically, but it makes such a pretty carpet where there is room for it, in a wilder part of the garden. It is found in Europe, Iceland, North America and Madeira. It is quite cold hardy. It will grow in sun, part-shade and even full shade, apparently.


Viola riviana Purpurea
Flowers from August to September.
Plant Family: Violaceae

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