Plant Description

Salvia mexicana Lime Calyx

This is a Mexican shrub to about 1.3-2 m tall. Some of the mexicana salvias have quite short flowering periods in autumn, but this version flowers over a longer time (from March until June) and has stunning purple-blue flowers held in lime-coloured calyces, forming a very effective combination. It looks attractive grown nearby a lime-coloured foliage plant to accentuate the calyces - such as Duranta 'Sheena's Gold' or golden heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens 'Aurea'). It is also attractive grown in combination with some of the shrubby pink, white or purple Plectranthus of autumn. It is sensitive to hard frosts. For more compact spaces, you can grow a version called 'Little Limelight', which grows to only 1 m tall. These salvias can tolerate sun, or can be grown in part shade, such as under a tree canopy. They are somewhat brittle, and may need support from plant cradles or other shrubs. It also is a magnet for nectar-seeking birds, which break the branches every year - in the end, I decided to take mine out as it never looked good!

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