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Ophiopogon jaburan

Ophiopogon jaburan

Sometimes known as the Jaburan lily or white lilyturf, this is a larger plant than other species in the genus Ophiopogon. Its strap-shaped, leathery leaves grow to about 60 cm long and are wider than the more grassy foliage of the commonly seen Ophiopogon japonicus (mondo grass). It spreads into a clump about 30 cm wide, and planted in groups will make a tough and trouble-free groundcover. In summer, it has drooping racemes of small, white, bell-shaped flowers, followed by violet-blue fruit in winter. It is frost hardy to -5 degrees C.

The plant comes from Japan and belongs to the Asparagaceae family of plants, a most useful group for gardens with dry, shaded areas. There are several cultivars: 'Vittatus', with pale green leaves striped in cream, yellow or white; and 'White Dragon', with broad stripes of white on the foliage, useful for lightening up shady areas. Ophiopogon jaburan can be a good companion to other shade-lovers, such as Plectrantus, Begonia and Lamium, providing a contrast of foliage form.


Ophiopogon jaburan
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers January and February.
Plant Family: Asparagaceae

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