Plant Description

Geranium oxonianum

Geranium oxonianum Walters Gift

I grew Geranium oxonianum 'Walter's Gift' from seed from the UK Royal Horticultural Society and is one of the few true Geranium plants that I have been able to retain in my garden. It has attractively burgundy-marked leaves and netted pale mauve flowers in September and October. I am not sure if my version is the same as the true cultivar - because of the variation that can occur with named plants like these grown from seed, but I nurture it as one of my plant 'children'. It grows into a clump and self-sows freely, and usually other gardeners are pleased to take one of the seedlings home. It prefers full sun and reasonable soil. Cut back hard after flowering for a flush of new leaves.


Geranium oxonianum
Flowers from September to October.
Plant Family: Geraniaceae

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