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Erysimum Apricot Twist

Erysimum Apricot Twist

This perennial wallflower cultivar grows to around 60cm and flowers in late winter and spring. It has clusters of delightful orange blooms which associate well with other hot-coloured plants flowering at this time. It also looks effective grown with Mediterranean plants out at this time, such as bearded irises, rosemary, Euphorbia and perennial statice.

Like most wallflowers, it likes a sunny, dryish position and a little lime added to the soil. It should be trimmed back after flowering. I find wallflowers are not long lived in our Sydney climate, but it is fairly easy to propagate them from cuttings.

This plant is attractive to bees.


Erysimum Apricot Twist
Flowers from August to October.
Plant Family: Brassicaceae

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