Plant Description

Convolvulus sabatius

Convolvulus sabatius

Previously called Convolvulus mauritanicus, this is a trailing groundcover with shallow, funnel-shaped flowers usually of a milky-blue hue, but sometimes seen in darker blue colours or white. The white cultivar 'Little Arctic Moon' is a compact form with a neat habit, and it has done well for me. It blooms throughout summer and autumn. It needs good drainage and plenty of sun - it will sulk in shaded spots.

It looks at its best cascading over a retaining wall or a sunny bank. It doesn't really want rich soil; a gritty, well-drained soil suits it best. It could be grown in a hanging basket. It is native to Spain, Italy and North Africa. Cut it back in early spring. It can become a bit rampageous so I rein it in from time to time. I have had more luck with this plant than with its cousin Evolvulus pilosus, which hasn't done well for me.


Convolvulus sabatius
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from October to March.
Plant Family: Convolvulaceae