Plant Description

Centradenia inaequilateralis

Centradenia inaequilateralis Cascade

This is a small, rambling shrub or scandent climber that provides a profusion of showy, magenta, four-petalled blooms that open from bright pink, pointed buds from late winter into spring. It winds its way through other plants and I have seen it growing in hanging baskets and urns. I have even seen it growing up a trellis! It looks a bit like a miniature Tibouchina flower, and for a long time I didn't know what it was, but it seems it is possibly Centradenia inaequilateralis 'Cascade' (ht 80 cm, wide spread).

It grows much taller when it scrambles through shrubs or on other supports. It is quite similar to another shrub I have, called Heterocentron macrostachyum (ht 1 m), which has a more upright form and more bronzy leaves. Both flower best in sunny spots. I cut both back hard after flowering. They are easily propagated from cuttings or runners. They (along with the genus Tibouchina) belong to the family Melastomataceae, and they hail from Mexico and Central America.


Centradenia inaequilateralis
Flowers from July to September.
Plant Family: Melastomataceae