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Bauhinia corymbosa

Bauhinia corymbosa

This is an unusual climber for frost-free gardens. <.i>Bauhinia scandens is possibly a synonym for this plant. It climbs by the use of tendrils on its slender reddish stems, and has the typical bilobed leaves of the genus Bauhinia, which look as if they have been cut from folded paper! The fragrant, pink flowers, which look like small orchids and have distinctive red stamens, appear in summer. The plant needs a sunny location, with ample water in late spring and summer. It can grow on a fence or on a pillar. The spent flowers should be removed and the growth thinned every so often. Propagation is by seed.


Bauhinia corymbosa
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers December and January.
Plant Family: Fabaceae

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