Plant Description

Ammi visnaga

Usually known as Queen Anne's lace, Ammi majus (ht to 1.2 m) is towering annual from the Umbelliferae family of plants, with a cloud of small, white dainty flowers on its tall stems in summer. Ammi visnaga (ht 1.5m) is its cousin and is also attractive. It is sometimes called 'bishop's flower'. It has fine, ferny foliage and large, domed heads of many tiny white flowers, like lace doilies, which contrast well with the spires of summer-flowering Salvia.

Bishop's flower will thrive in any sunny position. It self-seeds so that you will never be without it. The seed-heads are attractive, resembling umbrellas or little parachutes. This flower attracts beneficial insects. Stems are good material for vases.

This plant is best grown from seed.


Ammi visnaga
Suitable for Cut Flowers.
Flowers in January.
Plant Family: Apiaceae

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