Plant Description

Acorus gramineus

Sometimes called 'sweet flag', this rhizomatous perennial grows in fans of slim strappy leaves like a grass, although it is actually a member of the arum family of plants. The cultivar 'Ogon' has beautiful chartreuse striped leaves 30cm long and will willingly grow in any soil (even in a shallow pond) except one which is bone dry. It copes with sun or shade, being more lime-coloured in shade and more brassy-yellow if grown in full sun. It will form a good-sized clump without every becoming invasive, and is attractive all year round.

It is a pretty edging to complement other leaf shapes (as illustrated at right) and to bring a contrast of colour to plantings of plain green leaves. It has insignificant flowers. Like all lime-coloured foliage, it teams well with flowers of blue, purple and orange. It is an extremely tolerant plant, being completely frost hardy as well as growing in warm humid climates.


Acorus gramineus
Plant Family: Acoraceae

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