Zephyranthes minuta

The pink storm lily, Zephyranthes minuta, (syn. Z. grandiflora, ht 20-30 cm), is a dainty member of the Amaryllidaceae family of bulbs. The genus is native to Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean. This species has strappy foliage and mid-pink flowers rather like an open crocus, and is easily grown in Sydney. It is dormant in winter, and flowers mainly in November and December. It has a tendency to come into bloom after rain has fallen, hence the common name, and several flushes of flowers can be expected if there a few periods of rain in early summer. Thick clumps of bulbs will form and they can survive in quite dry positions, such as at the base of a hedge. They are best grown in sun and can be grown in pots.

Flowers in January, February, November, December.