Salvia Waverly

This plant is similar to Salvia 'Phyllis' Fancy' but lower growing (ht 1-1.3m) and spreading quite wide, with white to lilac flowers held in dark-tinged calyces. It is a favourite with many gardeners, as it flowers almost all year round. It mixes well with any other flowers - pentas, roses, heliotrope and dahlias for example. Dark leaves nearby accentuate its dark calyces - such as Alternanthera dentata, Persicaria 'Red Dragon' or dark forms of Iresine, coleus and Canna. It also looks effective with ornamental grasses, such as Miscanthus cultivars. Periodic removal of a stem will keep it in good shape, or it can be hard-pruned in late winter when all the other salvias are done. Some gardeners cut it back in mid-summer for lots of autumn and winter blooms. It is best in full sun but will tolerate a little shade.

Flowers in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, November, December.

 Out now in my Sydney Garden.


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