Salvia Meigan's Magic

Salvia Meigans Magic

Salvia 'Meigan's Magic' (ht 1.4 m, wth 1.4 m) is a plant I acquired in 2010 from the Collectors' Plant Fair at Bilpin - I got the very last one for sale on one of the stalls. I had heard it was a good one from various friends and it has not disappointed me. It is similar to Salvia 'Phyllis' Fancy' but is more compact and its flowers have a more striking contrast, with crisp white blooms held in inky-blue calyces on dramatic dark stems.

Salvia Meigans Magic (right)

It seems to be an autumn-bloomer, joining the many other Salvia in flower at that time; however, it has a few flower spikes through summer too. It is possibly related to Salvia 'Anthony Parker'. It is considered to be drought hardy. It mixes with any other colour in the garden - be they pastels or hot colours. I have echoed the whiteness of the flower with the pure white blooms of Rhinacanthus species, by growing them nearby each other. I think 'Meigan's Magic' will be a good addition to the array of shrubby Salvia that grow so easily in our Sydney climate. It grows in sun or light shade.

This Salvia forms a big, woody base as it gets older. Every few years, it can be a good idea to either chop out some of the base or else start anew with a fresh plant.

Flowers in March, April, May, June, July, December.

 Out now in my Sydney Garden.


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