Hibiscus geranioides

Hibiscus geranioides

This is an Australian native plant, growing around 75 cm tall, with a similar width. The leaves are deeply lobed and do resemble geranium foliage, as suggested by the species name! The flowers are pink, and resemble miniature versions of exotic Hibiscus blooms. The flowers last only a day or so but continue to open over a long period in summer and autumn.

Foliage of Hibiscus geranioides

The plant originates in tropical regions of Australia but it grows well in sub-tropical and warm temperate areas. It is not suitable for growing in cold districts. It likes sun and well-drained soil. It can be a bit rangy, but if cut back every so often, it will grow in a more compact shape. Though classed as an annual or biennial, it may last for a few years. It can be grown in a pot. The plant does self-seed but the seedlings are easy to pull up. It can be grown from cuttings. As with other Hibiscus species, hibiscus beetle may be a problem.

Flowers in January, February, March, April, December.

 Out now in my Sydney Garden.