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"Alternate for Confidor"

Started by Jan - 2120 Tuesday, 05 May 2020
 Now that Confidor is banned what is a good alternative to controlling lacebug on azaleas? If there is something as similar and convenient as the Confidor pellets that would be great as Im a little afraid of the health hazzard of spraying chemicals. Thank you!
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 Lloyd - 4060 Sunday, 14 June 2020
 Your question prompted me to resume my search for a way to manage lacebug which has attacked six of my azaleas newly planted from about ten months ago. Turns out that the chemical Spinasad might do the trick, with less effects on bees. A couple of research papers suggest that it has little or no effect on the hive and the brood. 'Success' by Yates is a product that contains Spinisad. I have used it with good effect on my Madagascar Cycad against the blue Cycad moth and its devastating grubs. I will now try it on the Azaleas. It will not fix or remove the present disfiguring but hopefully I can protect the leaves in the following season.

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