Hippeastrums rotting?

Started by Lloyd - 4060 Monday, 17 December 2018

Would really appreciate advice on how to give first aid to my Hippeastrums - ten largish bulbs in a terracotta bulb pot (shallow-ish). Quite crowded after several years. The leaves have gone yellow and soft and are falling off - or just come away very easily. There are clusters of yellow eggs (I guess) like small cooked rice grains. What first aid can I give please? I have scooped out the eggs. But it has been raining here and the bulbs and their mulch are slippery and softening. Should I remove them, let them dry and re-plant? Re-plant now, or wait for next summmer? Other bulbs elsewhere in the garden are not affected (yet) - any precautions for them, please? And thank you for any info/advice.


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