Root rot in Avocados

Started by Charlie - 6014 Thursday, 07 December 2017

Hi Everyone, I hope that someone can offer advice on how to to proceed after having an avocado tree die of root rot. I recently planted 2 lovely healthy avocados trees,an A and a B variety. the trees were planted 2m apart but one recently started to deteriorate.The upper branches turned brown and all the leaves fell off.I suspected root rot as caused by a fungal infection .I then tried to revive by cutting back the dead branches and treating with Yates Anti Rot.Unfortunately this hasnt worked,and the tree is now dead.I would like to replace the tree as I wanted to have an A and B variety to assist fruit production.My question is ,is it safe to replant in the same location or will the fungi be present in the soil ?.Can I treat the soil ? The soil is free draining ( this IS Perth ) but has had lots of organic matter added,with mulch on top. I have covered the bed with a 30% mesh for sun protection. The second tree is thriving,not sure how to proceed? Regards,charlie


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