Boxus Hedge

Started by Ruth - 3458 Wednesday, 02 December 2015

Hi. Having recently planted some boxus plants, albeit small at the moment. Planted these with the intention of shaping them when they grow a bit larger. They are about 7 - 9 inches high at the moment. Being new to the idea of topiary I would welcome some information as to when to start clipping them etc. Intend to do the same with some boxus in some decorative concrete containers as a feature placed along a path to front door of house. LAVENDER PLANTINGS. In another sunny area I have an empty round bed which I have considered planting with lavender bushes I hae received as a gift. They are English type . Wondering what to combine with them to add a bit of colour. There is a concrete bench type seat nearby as well and largershrubs in the background . Hope some dedicated gardens can assist me with the above.


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