A disused shade house

Started by Ruth - 3458 Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Hi. Am looking for suggestions to re invigorate a very sturdy wooden shade house/bush house,.. We recently purchased a property that was a former nursery near Daylesford and have spent the past twelve months pruning and re organising the area of 4.5 acres.Among other structures there is a large wooden shade house with slatted sides and woven shade cloth on upper walls and roof. It is an L shaped construction and has an opening at each end. ( facing West and North ) The floor is gravelled and there is a water supply connected to it. It is in very good condition and I have just painted the outside and inside with charcoal weathershield paint. Have also cleared a lot of vegetation from overhanging trees etc. Considering putting plants and ferns or perhaps orchids in pots and tubs etc that are frost prone in it. Now allowing sunlight We also inherited a large amount of concrete roofing tiles and at one stage considered laying these on the gravel. Would appreciate any suggestions.


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