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"Plantings under pine trees"

Started by Ruth - 3458 Monday, 04 May 2015
 REcently we purchased a property in central victoria that was a fromer nursery. along one boundary fence on the western side we have a large row of mature pine trees. Have cleaned al the debris from beneath and found some Nerines poking through. My query is what else could I try to grow beneath these trees. Have thought of Agapanthus and perhaps red hot pokers. The area does get some sunlight early morning and late afternoon and lots of shade during the summers months. Not really looking for ground cover though but perhaps smallish shrubs that could tolerate being located beneath the pines. Have plenty of water so that is not an issue. There is a Camellia bush doing quite well in the vicinity and was wondering how azaleas or rhododendrons would tolerate the pine trees. All the lower branches of the pines have been removed by the previous owners so there is a good deal of space underneath. Hopefully someone may have some ideas for me as I am keen to develop this area.
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 John - 2261 Wednesday, 08 July 2015
 Hello Ruth. i think if you planted any shade and acid loving plants under the pines you would do well. The rhododendrons and azaleas would certainly do well there by the sound of it. They would get the sun/shade combination they need too. best of luck with it!

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