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"gardening in perth WA"

Started by Catherine - 6037 Monday, 30 March 2015
 Is there no one else from Perth that is a member? I lived in England for 20 years, Sydney for 7 years and remember well the problems in the garden, but i have never ever encountered the sort of problems that gardeners suffer in Perth. Take a bucket of sand from the beach and try and grow a garden in it. That is what the soil is like. It rains a lot in winter, then typically no rain, except for the odd tail end of a cyclone with high winds, from November until April. It is really hard work. I have been here now 22years and I can finally say my soil is now soil (not just sand) and my garden is starting to look good. (with the help of a lot of Salvia) Cath
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 Jenny - 4670 Monday, 17 July 2017
 We live close to the beach & we have just pure sand. So here we know how you feel. I am putting on lots of cane mulch, filter press anything else I can get my hands on. We have an acre so I have to just work on certain areas. Slowly, very slowly things are improving. We have been working on the garden for 6 years & there wasn"t much here before. Perhaps they grew sugar cane on it.

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