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"Untidy lawn"

Started by Bren - 2540 Tuesday, 06 January 2015
 My lawn (which is too large to dig up and returf) is a mess of different grasses and herbs. It looks fine enough when cut, but not so great when uncut. Some of the plants I have identified are large amounts of dichondra in shaded ares, paspalum, small oxalis species, clover, and other grasses I have not identified, but including one with rampant runners. I am not a lawn fanatic, but in the shady areas I would like to encourage the dichondra, and in the sunny areas I would like to even out the grass species and get rid of the ugly paspalum. I know there are sprays that kill off all broad leaf lawn weeds, but this is not what I need. My lawn will never look perfect, but I would like to improve it. I simply dont know where to start. Any suggestions?
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 Rosemary - 2320 Tuesday, 12 January 2016
 I have the same problem. It is possible to get a selective weedkiller for clover and other small weeds, and also a different spray to kill paspalum. I used the one for paspalum and it killed other grasses too but with water and fertiliser the main grass in my lawn, couch, quickly took over. Spraying is best done in summer when the main grass you want to encourage is growing strongly. The small oxalis is probably creeping oxalis and it is very difficult to eliminate. Many selective weedkillers say they "control" it - I have had some success with repeated applications but always a patch of it pops up somewhere. Good luck!

 Bren - 2540 Wednesday, 13 January 2016
 Thanks for your reply. Yes I have decided that spraying is the best solution for the worst areas. Just mark off a large area, spray it and resow it. It is the paspalum that I dislike the most.

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