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"the aspect from hell"

Started by Meryl - 2206 Wednesday, 30 April 2014
 Suggestions please for an important but horrendous situation. I need a pair of statement plants to bracket my front steps. Facing south west, the area is in total shade from the house for half the year and gets the full blast of the western sun in summer. To make things worse, water pools on the right side of the steps (and only the right side) when there is heavy or protracted rain. At present, I have two Camellia sasanqua "Yuletide" there and the one on the right is a sad sight. Improving the drainage would be extremely difficult/expensive and I don"t want to use pots thereby creating yet another problem every time we go away. My partner vetoes Zantedeschia aethiopica which would solve the problem. Any suggestions most gratefully received.
Member Responses

 Lynsey - 2100 Wednesday, 21 May 2014
 I"d go for the Zantedeschia anyway. They"re so beautiful.

 Anna - 2259 Wednesday, 11 June 2014
 I have a similar situation except it also has a carport/portico so no rain to water any plants, as well as low light but really only needed one specimen plant. Shock, horror I came across an artificial Cycad in a very tall, glazed pot. Took it home and it"s perfect. This was a FIRST, because like so many gardeners, I hate artificial plants with a passion "but" Cycads look quite artificial anyway and this one has fooled several gardeners who have come to the front door for various reasons. It has been the perfect solution here and don"t need to worry about anyone to water it when I"m away. Would something like this help your situation? I"m still amazed that I have an artifical plant, but hey it suits the purpose, looks great and doesn"t suffer due to it"s surroundings. ;-)

 Beth - 2257 Friday, 06 March 2015
 I have a cordyline, Black Knight, in a big pot on my west facing balcony on the Central Coast and it is thriving. It might be worth consideration. I actually have it in a black plastic pot (propped up on another inverted plastic pot) in a beautiful glazed ceramic pot. This way I can remove it if disaster strikes. It has grown considerably over the last 6 months so it may be necessary to check expected heights for your entrance.

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