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"keeping the local cats away "

Started by Clare - 2220 Tuesday, 08 May 2012
 Hi All, my garden seems to be a favourite hang out for some of the local cats. Lovely as they are I prefer to have a haven for native fauna. So I don"t want to harm them just make the place a little less appealing for cats. Can anyone recommend any plants I can include in thegarden or sprays I can use. Cheers
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 Deirdre - The Compulsive Gardener Sunday, 03 June 2012
 I have heard that planting Plectranthus ornatus can be a deterrent. It certainly smells revolting enough when touched. There are some sprays at nurseries that might be worth a try. It"s a frustrating problem.

 Clare - 2220 Monday, 04 June 2012
 Many thanks for the advice Deirdre. I will have a look at, and smell of, the Plectranthus.

 Janet - 3682 Sunday, 01 July 2012
 Hi Clare, I"m in the process of planting prickly natives just to provide shelter for native birds, and protect them from the neighbour"s cats. Allnatives online nursery have a cat proof section in their index, though they are currently out of stock of all but four plants in this section. Prices are very reasonable, but shipping is $29 for up to 66 plants. If you have the room to plant some prickly natives it"s worth a look to get ideas of useful plants.

 Clare - 2220 Monday, 02 July 2012
 Thanks Janet - I still have plenty of space for planting so will check out the prickly natives. Cheers Clare

 Debbie - 4650 Friday, 24 August 2012
 My neighbor"s Cat doesn"t like the Salvia"s that I planted along the fence line. Unfortunately I only planted in 2 spots, but I am propagating more to fill the entire fence line. And I get beautiful flowers as well.

 Meryl - 2206 Wednesday, 30 April 2014
 Mothballs can be hard to find nowadays but in the past I"ve found a few of them scattered about 100 per cent effective in keeping an area cat-free. The downside is having to live with the smell yourself.

 Clare - 2220 Wednesday, 30 April 2014
 Thanks Meryl, unfortunately I had previously found out that mothballs are toxic to cats and other animals so are not a safe option for use. I have taken Janet"s advice and planted lots of prickly natives to shelter the other birds and animals and have given up worrying about he cats. The Citrus didn"t work for me - I tried skins, different Citrus flesh and even spray - one of the cats even perched himself on a bench still wet from a drenching :)

 Anna - 2259 Wednesday, 11 June 2014
 I"ve got dreaded neighbourhood cats too, tried Citrus without success and have bought some mothballs that I plan to hang in small bags tied/attached to various shrubs in the "cat" area. This way I can keep track of where they are. What I"ve also discovered is that the cats seem to be there at the same time each night and a few nights ago I opened the front door to find two of them snarling at each other and the closest thing I had was a can of flyspray. Of course, there was NO way the spray would reach them, I was relying on the noise as I know cats hate the hissing that emits from aerosols. It had the desired effect and when I checked again two nights later at the same time, they were there again but as soon as I opened the door they took off. Now I just need to remember (or set the alarm each night) to head out there and (fingers crossed) I might break their cycle and they might go somewhere else. I"m trying to plant a new garden, so need them gone.

 Barbara - 2081 Tuesday, 16 September 2014
 I have the same problem with the two cats next door who access our garden via the interconnecting gate we have half way down our fence line. "Vaseline" available from the supermarket was the answer. I smeared it on top of the gate and further along the fence line and they didn"t come back for months. Repeat applications are necessary. Another problem I had was with local dogs who were off their leads using the beautiful "Valerian" I was growing at the top of our driveway as their personal toilet. Cats also like the smell of Valerian. I sprinkled ground black pepper around the Valerian and other plants I had growing, as well as around our letter box, once a week for a month and no local dog has come near it since. I hope these two suggestions are useful. Happy gardening everyone and remember to keep laughing!!!

 Barbara - 2081 Sunday, 21 September 2014
 Good afternoon everyone. Further to my posting on the 16th Sept., I forgot to mention that another product you can use to deter cats is Vicks Vapour Rub available from supermarkets and chemists. To keep cats away from your garden beds, place rocks around the perimeter and smear the product on top of them. Aldi Stores sell a product called Benifex Chest Rub Ointment which is cheaper and contains Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Turpentine, Nutmeg and Cedarwood Oil. Weather permitting, I am going to use the Benifex product this week to see if it will also deter possums. I have just planted some bare rooted roses into large plastic pots so I will smear the product on the outside of the pots and see what happens. Happy gardening everyone!

 Clare - 2220 Sunday, 21 September 2014
 Many thanks for the research Anna and Barbara I shall try each suggestion. I have noted a drop off in visits as I think the main visiting cats has died and the others seemed to come just to bully him. Cheers

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