French Tarragon

Started by DAVID - 2068 Saturday, 29 October 2016

Does anybody know if French Tarragon will grow in Sydney? I have read that it dislikes humidity. Related question - Where can I buy genuine French Tarragon plants? ie Artemisia Dracunculus var Sativa. I have read that a lot of the Tarragon available in nurseries is Russian Tarragon, which differs in name by not being "var SATIVA", and differs in taste by being inferior. It"s only advantage is that it is easier to propagate, hence it is commonly sold. Sometimes called "False Tarragon", but of course not usually labelled as such. Thanks, Dave

Mary - 2089 Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Yes, French Tarragon will grow in Sydney though mine died back completely during winter and comes back when it"s warmer. Mine grew well for a few years and now it"s disappeared. Usually available in most nurseries around October. The Russian Tarragon is vile (in my opinion) but looks very different to the French.


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