Brugmansia root system

Started by Lloyd - 4060 Monday, 06 August 2018

I have previously thought of planting one in the back corner of my back yard - but I was not aware of the (potentially) aggressive nature of the root system. How "nearby" is nearby in relation to the effect the roots might have? Does it have a suckering habit - will roots remaining after removal (should it become necesaary) give rise to new growth? I have a locut about 4 metres from its potential location (which can probably take care of itself) and an Alloxylon 5 metres away - both long established. The three would form a triangle. The corner is somewhat shaded - to the east by a mango in the neighbouring backyard with a line of bamboo palms (Chaemedorea Sefrizzi) to the eastern and northern sides of the target planting corner. Would the Brugmansia cope with that, do you think? I ask in grateful anticipation of any replies.


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