Soil testing kits - invaluabl

Started by Catherine - 5116 Monday, 09 January 2017

Yesterday I purchased a soil testing kit for $16.95. I had a lot of fun testing soil around my garden and learned a lot! 5 years ago I bought over $150 worth of Iris cuttings, different colours and sizes, read how easy they are to grow and what they like and dont like. Some would say they grow in just about anything, leading me to believe that I could do it to. And JUST about anything is right, cause they dont like alkaline soil. So for 5 years I have fertilized, weeded, watered, loosened soil, and repeated for 5 years, and I"ve seen nothing, not a single increase in any of the rhizomes. I worried all the time about why, why weren"t they growing, what was I doing wrong, and what a waste of money it had been. You see my soil type is alkaline,that"s why they didn"t grow. That took 5 minutes to find out. I spent 5 years and hundreds of dollars when I should have bought a soil testing kit for $16.95


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