Started by Melissa - 2120 Monday, 04 March 2013

We have 2 huge Yucca/Agave like plants in our rocky north facing front garden - fairly moist & protected at ground level but with overhead sun. They have been untouched for 16 years. Each leaf is approx. 1.5-2m long, very straight & no spikey thorns on edges, rich green in colour, very fibrous and tough with lots of sticky juice, 20cm across at their widest point, 3-5cm thick at their base. In the last few weeks of torrential rain in Sydney, one plant has developed a 4-5 metre tall central flower stem - looking rather like an asparagus spear. About 10cm diameter at the base. There are several more coming from between the lower leaves of the plant, same thickness/appearance as shop bought asparagus, but about 60cm long & slightly bent.Once it flowers it will be easier to identify. So far the closest in appearance is and Agave Century plant - but all their leaves are grey green & have thorned edges. Yuccas seem more likely but I have not found any of this size. Any suggestions? Thanks

Jytte - 5084 Friday, 15 March 2013

It"s a Yucca. I grew some but had to get rid of them as they got too big for my garden. The flower spikes got as high as the power lines and were beautiful. I cant remember the name but they grow wild in American desert regions. I also read that you could eat the tips of the flower spikes. I tried it (steamed) and they tasted yucc(a).

Melissa - 2120 Saturday, 16 March 2013

Thanks for that Jytte! It has flowered on some of the lower stems - the flowers are green and white, 6 petals, and they hang downward like a bell. The main stem has grown another 2 metres since I took the photo! Sorry to hear they tasted yucc! =>


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