Started by Peter - 2153 Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Hello I have a beautiful specimen that can stand on its own as a feature. Approx 1.8 m high and 3 m wide. I"m not sure it is Fanfare. It"s just starting to flower. The leaf is 130 mm long The base is raised and was surrounded by wire and bricks. It can be moved slightly but I haven"t tried to dig it out. I"m happy to prune it back in preparation for extraction. It needs to make way for a fruit tree. I"d like to swap it for some ferns - birds nest, stag horn, Silver Lady (dwarf tree fern), Boston fern (Nephrolepis) or palms - golden cane, Rhapis, Bamboo palm, Alexandra, Bangalow. Give me a call to discuss. I have more photos to help identify it. Peter 02 9686 8316 or 0419 23 88 41 Pick up from Baulkham Hills.


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