Cordyline Petiolaris

Started by DAVID - 2068 Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Does anybody know from first hand experience how many years it takes for cordyline petiolaris to reach their full height of around 4 or 5m in Sydney? Googling the growth rate I"ve found "fast", "medium" and "slow" from various nurseries selling them. I suppose some sales folk are just guessing. So far, the three I planted last September have grown quite a lot - about 60cm taller now. But the view from our window has changed dramatically for the worse since our neighbour removed the old hedge on his side of the fence. So I"m thinking to plant more cordyline petiolaris, because firstly their beautiful and secondly I don"t want anything with remotely invasive roots. I"ve got clay sewerage pipes running along there. Our window is about 3.5m above the ground. Thanks in advance, Dave


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