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Befriend Begonias   02Mar09
Cane-stemmed Begonia cultivars are summer stars for foliage and flower power in Sydney gardens.
Surprising bulbs   11Mar09
Late summer and early autumn can hold some delightful surprises.
Fab Fuchsias   17Mar09
With the arrival of autumn, Fuchsia plants are starting to look good again.
Winsome windflowers   24Mar09
One of the stars of the early autumn garden is the Japanese windflower.
The many types of Plectranthus provide some of my favourite autumn flowers for shady spots.
Mistaken identities   07Mar10
There are several plants in bloom at the moment that are often thought to be Salvias.
Taking cuttings   14Mar10
This is an excellent time of year to take cuttings of your favourite plants.
The dramatic foliage plants known as elephant's ears belong to a family sometimes called the aroids.
Bromeliads provide a solution to difficult, dry, shady spots in Sydney gardens.
A few tough herbaceous perennials have endured from my cottage gardening days.
Warm autumn flowers   13Mar11
In March there are many flowers of autumn hues to give a seasonal display in Sydney gardens.
Gardening gadgets   20Mar11
Some of the most useful garden gadgets are simply recycled household objects.
A shift of season   27Mar11
Late March brings a welcome shift of season in our Sydney gardens.
Lavish leaves   04Mar12
The continuing wet weather has seen foliage flourish.
Autumn can be one of the best times of the year in the garden in Sydney!
Plant thugs   18Mar12
I have battled many plant thugs in my life!
Elegant silvers   25Mar12
Silver foliage plants can bring sparkle and contrast into our gardens.
The language of flowers has been recently used in a novel.
Less is more   10Mar13
Growing fewer plants in a border can pay off.
A tropical oasis   17Mar13
A visit to an amazing tropical garden in Sydney
Salvias revisited   24Mar13
My thoughts on growing salvias have changed over the years.
Our new border has finally been planted out.
Inspiration from two city gardens.
Joy of autumn   09Mar14
Early autumn is my favourite time of year!
Going for gold   16Mar14
Gold leaves provide long-lasting colour.
A new book helps identify friends and foes in the garden.
What gardeners can do to help bees.
Some flowers open only at night.
I have learned much from the Sydney Botanic Garden.
Hurrah for autumn   15Mar15
Sydney gardens can be wonderful in autumn.
It is best to move plants in the cooler months.
Autumn is a good time to visit Sydney gardens!
Silver in the sun   06Mar16
Meet some fab silver foliage plants for sun.
The colour blue   27Mar16
Blue is my favourite colour!
A community of gardeners is a wonderful thing.
Revived by rain   12Mar17
The recent rain has revived our gardens.
It's easy to grow garlic at home!
Notes to self   26Mar17
What would I tell my younger self about gardening?
I visit the New Secret Garden & Nursery.
Insects in peril   03Mar19
What we gardeners can do to help insects.
I visit two gardens in full bloom!
It is a joy to have flowers indoors.
Leaves of velvet   01Mar20
I enjoy tactile foliage!
Some ideas to recycle scraps!
Gardens can offer us much now.